Setra Coach Finance Options

Affordable Motorcoach Financing

North American operators will find Setra motorcoach financing through our parent company, REV Group, Inc., a world-leading manufacturer of specialty vehicles in the emergency, fire, RV, bus, and industrial sectors. REV's financial services offer affordable financing with competitive rates, varied financing options, and flexible payment structures.

Setra Finance Options

Thanks to the wide variety of financial contract options available through REV Financial Services including, Leasing, TRAC Lease, Split TRAC Lease, Fair Value Market Lease, and Municipal Lease options, operators will find flexible options to add Setra’s motorcoach lineup to their fleet. For more information about your motorcoach financing options, visit REV Financial Services.

Why REV Group Financial Services™?

REV Financial Services offers affordable and flexible financing across a full lineup of specialty vehicles, including Setra motorcoaches. REV provides many financing solutions and is perfect for building a fleet of luxury charter, tour, or serious commuter coaches. Backed by REV’s far-reaching support network, operators can take advantage of varied financing options and flexible payment schedules. Visit REV Financial Services to learn more.

Request a Quote

Ready to finance a Setra motorcoach? Through REV Financial Services, you can quickly and easily request a quote or apply for financing online. By filling out a simple application form or getting in contact with a REV Sales Representative, we’ve streamlined your path to competitive motorcoach financing. To get started, just head on over to REV Financial Services.