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The Setra TopClass S 417

The Setra TopClass: a finely tuned combination of luxury and high tech. Bearing witness to your market leadership. With these coaches, you will be a clear step ahead of your competition and optimally equipped to offer your customers the best in premium luxury travel. And once your passengers have experienced travel at its best, they will want to do so again and again. Fascinatingly comfortable and equipped with state-of-the-art safety. They are in fact safer than other methods of transportation, including planes and trains. Vehicles you will be proud of: symbols and precursors to your success.

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TopClass S 417 Brochure

Best in Class

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Defining Safety

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Redefining Luxury Travel



Luxury Travel


For your passengers. And your image.

Enhanced Comfort


Unsurpassed functionality for drivers.

Shaping the Future of Mobility


With innovation that is safe and sustainable.

Multimedia Equipment


State-of-the-art equipment with advanced comfort.

Advanced Safety Technology


Ensuring a safe and worry-free travel.

Optimized Performance


Designed for easy access and maintenance.

Customized Design


Featuring selections of customized options.

New US Feature


Club corner and mid-coach second door.

Breakthroughs in Innovation


The 1951 Setra Motorcoach.

About Setra

Setra is one of the world’s leading producers of luxury motorcoaches and is a brand of Daimler AG. A recognized industry leader in motorcoach innovation, quality, and design worldwide, Setra manufactures motorcoaches of first-class appeal and value. In North America, Setra is distributed by Motor Coach Industries.

About MCI

Motor Coach Industries is an American motorcoach manufacturer and a leading participant in the North American motorcoach industry. MCI is headquartered in Illinois with parts distribution and service centers across North America. Motor Coach Industries is the Distributor of EvoBus GmbH for Setra Buses and Setra Parts in the United States and Canada. Visit MCI’s Web Site.


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