Setra, our brand promise

Setra is the Premium Luxury Coach in Europe, our role as North American partner is to showcase the exemplary German Engineering and Custom Tailored Luxury the brand offers. Equally important, is to build on MCI’s strong support network to deliver truly Premium Sales, Support and Service for Setra customers.


Setra, the premium coach brand of Daimler AG

The very first modern self-supporting coach was engineered and built in Ulm, Germany, in the middle of the last century by bus pioneer Otto Kässbohrer. The “K” from his name is still profiled on the rims and steering wheel of every Setra – as a commitment to pursue the visions and ideals of this outstanding inventor and philanthropist.

Ideas, expertise and workmanship from Germany are the platform for Setra’s legendary quality. This is where we can best and most quickly bring your requirements and wishes to life.

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Setra’s Six Pillers of Your Success:

What’s your vision of a perfect coach? Certainly breathtaking, an eye-catcher with brilliant, distinctive design. With impeccable comfort and equipment, so that drivers and passengers feel good inside it.Cost-effectiveness, Safety, Comfort, Design, Equipment, Premium Support

It would need to be outstandingly cost-effective, with absolute reliability, long service intervals and low overall costs. Its safety standard would have to be of the highest level.

And then of course, it should come with a partner who is well positioned to give you sound advice, to support you and to provide services that deliver real added-value. You can already look forward to capitalizing on our extensive expertise and our full commitment to bringing your vision to life. Welcome to the Setra family.




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About Setra

Setra is one of the world’s leading producers of luxury motorcoaches and is a brand of Daimler AG. A recognized industry leader in motorcoach innovation, quality, and design worldwide, Setra manufactures motorcoaches of first-class appeal and value. In North America, Setra is distributed by Motor Coach Industries.

About MCI

Motor Coach Industries is an American motorcoach manufacturer and a leading participant in the North American motorcoach industry. MCI is headquartered in Illinois with parts distribution and service centers across North America. Motor Coach Industries is the Distributor of EvoBus GmbH for Setra Buses and Setra Parts in the United States and Canada. Visit MCI’s Web Site.


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