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About Us

Setra is the Premium Luxury Coach in Europe, our role as North American partner is to showcase the exemplary German Engineering and Custom Tailored Luxury the brand offers. Equally important, is to build on MCI’s strong support network to deliver truly Premium Sales, Support and Service for Setra customers.


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Built in Germany, Driven in North America

MCI is the distributor of EvoBus Gmbh for Setra Busses and Setra Parts in the United States and Canada.

What people are saying…

National Bus Sales

Setra Coaches are backed by service centers spread throughout North America.

National Bus Sales

Metro Magazine
Operators who drive their coaches 80,000 miles a year can expect to see savings of approximately $2,800 in fuel per year.
Metro Magazine

“We started offering motorcoach service to our students and staff, and immediately, the Setra coaches captured attention and demand.”

David Davitaia, Senior Associate Director at the UMD

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